Youth Program

One of GCCMS’ visions is to connect youth from different backgrounds through artistic collaboration. Starting 2004, we continued involving young musicians in our annual concert. In 2005, we received support from The Fine Arts Fund for a music education project that involved members of The Cincinnati Junior Strings and the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra. Members of these organizations enjoyed the opportunity to perform Chinese music and learn about various aspects of the Chinese culture. They also participated in a special scholarship competition, from which eight young musicians received scholarships towards their music education.

Supported by ArtsWave, our youth program is expanding and taking off. The program focuses on promoting cross-cultural understanding and building collaboration skills by involving grade schools, companies and community organizations in artistic initiatives. 

The Pre-Concert – This pre-concert will be presented by about 40 grade school musicians from local partner schools on the stage of the Corbett Auditorium. These young musicians will have opportunities to rehearse together and share the stage before the annual Chinese New Year concert.
Master Class – Before the pre-concert, the performing young artists and other invited young musicians from the area will attend a Master Class taught by top-notch classical Chinese musicians to appreciate traditional Chinese music and culture.
Youth Council – We are training a young generation of music lovers and cultural ambassadors to lead the efforts of improving cross cultural understanding and regional diversity. These young leaders will form a council to provide ideas for GCCMS’ music programs, and work as volunteers to promote our cultural events at their schools and in the communities.
Reaching Out – GCCMS will send young musicians and Chinese music programs to local schools, nursing homes, libraries and museums, furthering our efforts to promote cross cultural understanding.

Project Supported by ArtsWave