The Greater Cincinnati Chinese Music Society (GCCMS) was founded by a few local music lovers in 1995. It is an independent, nonprofit organization with the mission to promote Chinese culture through music and education. 

For 20 years, GCCMS has presented many high-impact events of transformative nature, bringing an eye-opening cultural experience to residents in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond. Our efforts continue to help improve cultural diversity and connect people in the community.

Our annual Chinese New Year concert is a signature event that showcases local and international virtuosos of traditional Chinese music and Maestro Mark Gibson's CCM Phihlarmonia Orchestra. It has become a must-be-there event for many in the area, attracting local and national press and giving an occasion to bring people together for a unique celebration.

Supported by ArtsWave, our newly launched youth program is quickly taking off. The program focuses on promoting cross-cultural understanding and building collaboration skills among the young generations by involving grade schools, companies and community organizations in music- and arts-related initiatives.


Oliver Chen

May Wu

Qing Wang

Mae Fang Haman

Bernice Chou

Jay Tao

Fei Liu

Hong Yang

Tong Qiu

Frank Luo

Legal Counsel:

John G. Cobey, Esq.

Advisory Board:

Li Sun
Mi Shen

Honorary Board:

Liz Lin
Geraldine Wu